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Cat Rhodes and the Truth perform original music from their critically acclaimed album “Knee Deep in the Blues” and also perform all of your favorite covers. This high energy band was formed by Grammy nominated drummer Bryan Morris.  He was honored by the Mobile City Council with Nov. 18, 2019 being proclaimed as Mr. Bryan Morris Day. Cat Rhodes and Bryan Morris each has an outstanding history as professional musicians.  

Bryan Morris has toured with the Blues Music Award winning and 7-time Grammy Nominated Louisiana Blues Man Kenny Neal for over 15 years. Cat Rhodes has performed as a guest artist with Kenny Neal while he was touring in Paris, the Caribbean, Florida, and California.

Cat Rhodes and the Truth have performed all across the Gulf Coast and across the country and overseas including at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee. They are one of the most popular “Local” bands in Florida and they are an internationally experienced band who are an asset to any festival or musical event. They are a band who clicks with an audience keeping them excited and focused on the show! They are accomplished as a Blues Band but also with R&B, Jazz, Rock and Motown.

Cat Rhodes has appeared as the opening act for Bryan McKnight whose work earned him 16 Grammy Awards nominations. She has also opened for Pebo Bryson, a winner of two Grammy Awards, and for Joan Faulkner who was called "the best black voice in Europe” by Music Producer Frank Farian.  Cat Rhodes has also performed with Clarence Carter, Jerry “Ice Man” Butler, the Reggae Festival at the Amphitheater in Louisiana, and a homecoming celebration for B.B. King.

In 2019 Cat Rhodes and The Truth performed with The Legendary Jimmi Mayes who has been inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame. The performance was at the Five Sisters Blues Café in Pensacola, FL. Also performing with The Truth was Tony Pasco a multi-instrumentalist and an acclaimed songwriter who was recently awarded a proclamation from the state of Mississippi for his contributions to the arts.

The Five Sisters Blues Café is a restaurant built on some of Pensacola’s deepest history right in the heart of historic downtown Pensacola – The Blocks.    


A Mississippi Blues Marker was placed in the area in January 2018 celebrating the rich Pensacola blues history and is located right outside of the front door of the Five Sisters Blues Café.

The Truth and Cat Rhodes is noted on the marker along with musicians who made this an important early center of blues, ragtime, vaudeville and jazz activity which developed the area into a regional cornerstone of the “chitlin’ circuit” in later years.

Cat Rhodes is a songwriter, model, television personality and producer. She is a mother, a sister, and a daughter,  



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CD REVIEW:  By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © March 2016 The Truth featuring Cat Rhodes "Knee Deep In The Blues" “Remember Denise LaSalle's attitude as she belted out lines like "your husband's cheating on us" and "you can have my husband but don't mess with my man"?  Remember the fierce energy Tina Turner generated as she wailed "rollin', rollin'....rollin' on the river" during her wild renditions of "Proud Mary"?  How about those famous growls you'd hear on just about every Koko Taylor song?  Well if you can relate to all of those vocal characteristics, you now have a good idea of what you might expect to hear while listening to Cat Rhodes.”


The Blues scene is unquestionable a man’s world.  Cat’s strong voice, electrifying stage presence, and vocal range qualifies her to perform in any “feminine” friendly genres. But it is the Blues that lets her tell her stories from those deep, raw places inside her soul.  ….. Her determination to stay true to what she was born to do has resulted in her winning the Northwest Blues Society Regional competition 2 years running as well as participating in the Frank Brown International Music Festival.  "Annie Patterson"

INFLUENCES:  Cat Rhodes influences are Tina Turner, Koko Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Grace Jones and Billie Holiday. 

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