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Do you love the Blues? We do too!  Our musicians are constantly creating new music for you. We will make their music available to you as soon as possible. Check online for new releases. And of course their earlier releases can be found on most online media websites such as YouTube, Spotify and more. 

Jimmi Mayes announces that he will release on his Mill Street Depo Record label 
JIMMY REED LIVE with  Jimmi Mayes & The Mill Street Depo      


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Mississippi Delta Records scheduled to release a single "The Mailman Has A Mailman Too" in May 2024 by Jimmi Mayes.
Cat Rhodes and Bryan Morris have been working new music due out this springs which includes Cat and Bryan along with legendary musicians Mickey Rogers and Jimmi Mayes.
Mississippi Delta Records released a new Single April 2023
SLIM BROWN by Cat Rhodes
Slim BrownCat Rhodes
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Mississippi Delta Records Releases/ Slim Brown, Blues Sitting On My Doorstep,I Got It, My Whole Life's A Shuffle, Back2Blues, Cradle Robber, Crossroads of My Life, God's Love Lifted Me Higher, Clarksdale Sessions, Blues Is Not Exclusive, Struggling and Straining, Hwy 61 Blues

Special CD Promotions/ Twice As Nice - Alphonso Sanders & Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry / Shy - Shy Perry 

I'm Happy With The One I'v e Got Now - Dorothy Moore, The Way of Blues - Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry

SLIM BROWN (Single)  (April 7, 2023) Cat Rhodes    Matty Mix Productions 

BLUES SITTING ON MY DOORSTEP (Album)   (August 2, 2021) Cat Rhodes & The Truth  Matty Mix Productions

I GOT IT (single) (March 20, 2021)  Cat Rhodes & The Truth  20K Sound Recording Studio

MY WHOLE LIFE"S A SHUFFLE  (July) 2018)   Jimmi Mayes  BB King Recording Studio


BACK 2 BLUES  (Nov. 14, 2016)   Stevie J Blues   16 Bars Recording Studio & 

Terminal Studio 


CRADLE ROBBER  (Single, Oct. 2016)  Stevie J Blues  16 Bars Recording Studio


CROSSROADS OF MY LIFE(2015)   Johnny Riley  Blaster Boys Production      

GOD'S LOVE LIFTED ME HIGHER  (2014)   Roscoe Robinson     Bates Brothers Recording Studio


THE CLARKSDALE SESSIONS  (2012)   Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry    Clarksdale Soundstage

BLUES IS NOT EXCLUSIVE  (2011)   Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry    Studio 61     

STRUGGLING AND STRAINING (2006)  ​David Lee Durham  BB King Recording Studio 


Music Videos are available for your enjoyment at

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